Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Cards Go On

I decided to finish the making of the cards today, and get that out of the way.  I glued the two remaining Japanese paper printed images to two of the rejected print paper cards, and colored the three salvageable print paper proofs.

These still need to be folded and trimmed, but all the coloring is done.  If the ones printed on the whiter paper look a little out of focus that is because they are, an effect of printing a small piece of stiff paper on a small block, where a little shifting is hard to avoid.  Four of these five are already accounted for, but no more can be made until I get back to the Studio, which probably won't be until next week.  Can return my watercolors then, get them out of the apartment.  That is because the grading process still goes on as well. I will have the preliminary numbers by tonight, but I will still want to double check everything before I submit them. Then I will have to do the student assessments, ten categories for each student, which has nothing to do with their grades, or educating the students, but my job requires it.  Verified the student ID numbers today (required for each).  I'll do  more of all this stuff tomorrow morning. 


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