Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Year That Was 2019

On this last night of the year, my annual summary of all things art.

Looking at last year's end of the year post, I see I was still working to finish my class grades, which this year I finished a week ago.  I'd like to say that it was because I am much more efficient this year, but really it comes down to variations in the calendar, which resulted in may class finishing a little sooner before Christmas this year.  I'm glad those things are done.

My annual holiday card is cut and all the copies printed, and while not all are colored yet, some are and have been mailed, but people who expect cards from me know that I don't always get them out before Christmas.  A teaching thing.  Enjoyed Chinese food and the Twilight Zone marathon tonight- so some things never change.

Prints- Not my best year, but not my worst either.  2019 saw me finish a few things in progress, such as my St Dwynwen print and my planned tribute to the Circus Drive-In, both hand colored.  And another sea creature piece was finished for a relative, a narwhal this time, completed as both a print (not yet shown, but available to be so) and a sculpture- block on the wall in her room.  Another woodcut in my ongoing series about supermarkets was completed, number 25 so far, a milestone I suppose. Plus the annual card.

Shows- Always keep busy here.  I have a lot of completed art, so I usually have things ready on short notice when a show comes up.  The planned print show at the Belmar Arts Center didn't happen there, but it was relocated to the Jersey Shore Arts Center and had 4 works from me- the piece created for it, plus two more to help fill the East coast wall, and one for the organizers wall.  Also had work in two other BAC group shows, the annual year opening Salon, and a bird themed show that I was rejected from last year.  (same piece, same theme, different juror)  Also had a solo show there this past fall, a sudden surprise thing, where my having work in frames that goes well together gave me the ability to pull it off on short notice, along with my ability to install and hang a show. Didn't have to hang it myself, but I did have two works in a spring off campus faculty show.  Nothing specifically scheduled in 2020 yet, but I assume they will come.

Teaching- The usual college classes continued- not exciting and things I have done before, but it is my main income.  My summer work included four classes up in Ocean Grove- two sections each of basic drawing and woodcut. A planning meeting for next year's classes has been scheduled and postponed (by the building) a few times, but I am prepared to try again.  Looked into another art center this year that expressed interest, but I don't know if they are ready to try it yet.  Attempts at Belmar didn't work out- they were willing, but all the people who said they wanted to take such classes never bothered to sign up for them.

Studio- Always busy with things to be done and to do.  Parts of the above three categories happened there, and all three are expected to happen there again in 2020.  Specifics still to be worked out. but they will be listed here as they are known.

Firsts-  Always a few. After more than a decade, a new person in charge got me some classes in my building in Ocean Grove- drawing and woodcut, both of which were enrolled.  We also offered drop in drawing sessions, but few dropped in.  However, I believe more are planned for next year.  For the first time I showed at the Long Beach Island Foundation- a nice enough building in a shore area location , but I'm not sure if the people running it know what they are doing.

Details about all of the above can be found by digging through this blog over the past year, including photos in most cases.

Next Year-  I'll save that for tomorrow's post on that topic.


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