Friday, January 03, 2020

A Short Trip

Just a quick trip to Ocean Grove today.  If Nichole had been in, I was going to ask her about a change on the 1st floor.  The whole time I've been there, room #3 was the first floor kitchen, with stove, oven, microwave, refrigerators, plus a very large table, and we were encouraged to use it when we ate in the building.  Since then the 3rd floor kitchen was created, but never used for the intended purpose, but it could.  And room #3 could be used for a number of other purposes and it has- I had some classes there over the summer, and it was used to teach a small Irish step dancing class this fall.  Around that time the room was emptied, and it looked like they were starting to build a large shelving until on one  long wall, but nothing has happened there for a while.  Perhaps because of the holidays. Several days ago when I was hanging around waiting to see what was going to happen with the planning meeting, I noticed that on the large directory board near the main entrance, the hook for room #3 now reads, "room of many feasts". What is that?  Sounds a little like a religious cult activity almost.  The door is locked, and the room looks empty, except for the stuff piled on the old counter where the sink is.  I enjoy a good feast, so if they are having a lot of them, I'd like to know about it.  Maybe I'll find out something next week.

My real reason for going was to drop off my annual Christmas card for Molly, stuck into the envelope where I have the next rent check. Haven't seen Molly since before Christmas, or an evidence of her being there. but the card will be waiting for her when she finally comes back.

Took care of some other errands while out, then back home to continue with the never ending grading process. Turned in class grades over a week ago, but now we have the student assessments.  A university thing, which seems to be their substitute for actually trying to teach the students in any academic way.  Scored the 12 categories for each student a few days ago, so today was just inputting them into the computer system, not as straightforward or logical as when we input the class grades.  No real directions are given, and the system make many offers to download programs to our computers, but I always decline that.  I made it work last year, and I made it work this year.  I may be one of the few people in the department who has figured out how to do this. Maybe it's what keeps me employed.


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