Monday, January 27, 2020

Deer Print part 11

Another Monday- time to go back to work.  Another cloudy and cold day, but not as bad as some we have had around here. My new block was almost done and I was wanting to get it done.  Molly was not in, but she had been- picked up her recently printed towels and left one of my discs in the player.  All I knew was that I had the place to myself.  Stopped in the office first to share some information with Nichole, then downstairs.  Had packed a lunch, so ate that first, then it was time to make art.  

Like I said, no Molly, so I could listen to music.  Today I was in a Rolling Stones mood, so I grabbed a few discs on my way out the front door. In the eternal contest between the Beatles and the Stones, I will always pick the Beatles- far more innovative, creative, superior in art, synthesis, and many other things I value as an artist.  No shame in losing to the Beatles- all bands did.  And the two groups were friends- the Beatles gave the Stones their first hit, and praised them on an album cover.  Once the Stones stopped trying to copy the Beatles and started doing what they did best, few could keep up.  In my opinion, no band in any country at any time had a better understanding of the entirety of American music than the Rolling Stones, and it shows on their best albums- a run from the late 60's into the early 70's that most bands would do anything to match.  And that is some of what I had with me today.  I had three compact discs- Let It Bleed, Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out, and Sticky Fingers.  All good to enjoy while eating lunch and cutting wood.  All loaded with examples of traditional blues, vintage rock and roll, country, and the kind of rock music that the Stones could do better than anyone else.  

Didn't have much left to do on the block, just some areas in the bottom section.  Once those were done, I looked over the whole thing, checking for any obvious things I missed over the last week, but I don't think there are any.  Below are the results of what I have cut so far, a detail shot of the lower part, and a view of the whole thing. 

The next step is to ink the entire block- roll some ink onto it and see what I got. If there are any areas I missed, they will easily be seen.  If I find any problems, I'll blot what ink I can off the block, and when it dries, make the changes.  If I find no problems, perhaps I'll go ahead and pull a proof right then.  I have a for sure order for one, but it might not be a bad idea to pull a few more as long as the block is already inked.


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