Monday, January 06, 2020

Third Time's the Charm

 A planning meeting for the Jersey Shore Arts Center Artist Collective has been in the works for a while.  The first schedule had it happening in December, but snow forced the postponement of something else, and that thing got to have our meeting time.  It was scheduled again last week, but then Nichole get sick and had to postpone it again, which I only found out about after showing up and finding a dark room. It was scheduled again for today, and like last week, I got there early in the day, so I could get some work done before the meeting.  Saw Nichole when I arrived, and she confirmed that the meeting would happen tonight, so I went downstairs to the Studio for a while.

The one thing that I can say I did was assemble one more Christmas card- glued one of my recent okawara prints to a piece of card stock.  Folding and cutting can happen later.

Shortly before 6 pm I went up to the 3rd floor. The building was a lot fuller and noisier than it was last week (dance kids, etc), but for the moment I was alone on the 3rd.  Then a few minutes before the start time a woman I didn't know walked up the stairs from the 2nd floor.  She said she had come for the meeting and was surprised the room was locked, but said she had seen Nichole who told her she was coming up, so I guessed this meant that it was on.  And shortly after that Nichole came up the stairs as well.

But that was it, so it was a small meeting. No problem. A lot was discussed, not much decided.  As of now it looks like there will be a plan to try a live model type class in the spring.  Big concerns are where to find models and where to find artists, but we have a goal. Also talked about some other art forms and possibilities, including some potential community projects, but I'll save that news until I know something more definite.


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