Monday, February 03, 2020

Printmaking on television

Got a call from my mother tonight telling me that there would be some printmaking on television this evening.  A cooking show for kids had them making cookies that would make use of potato prints.  Potato prints are a form of relief printing I suppose, though I prefer wood myself.  Of course wood is much harder to eat.  Potato prints work by carving a relief image into a chunk of potato, which is much softer than wood and easier to cut, though less precise than wood allows.  The way I was taught  this process once upon a time was then to place the cut side of the potato down onto the ink type material, creating a sort of stamp.  That was an option for what they did on this show, but mostly what they did was hand color the relief surfaces with a brush and food coloring.  Then the potato images were printed onto the surface of cookies.   Had nothing to do wit h the flavors/textures of the cookies, just surface decoration.  But I guess it was printmaking.  For now, I'll stick with wood.


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