Thursday, February 06, 2020

Short Visit

A much shorter visit than usual to the Studio today.  All caught up on work, and I won't start a new piece until sometime next week, so today was for other purposes.

Stopped in the office on the way downstairs, to verify that Nichole received some photos I e-mailed her yesterday .  Nothing of importance, just some things I had run across (I've probably taken some 5000 photos over the past decade or so for the purposes of various blogs) and thought she'd appreciate. She did get them, and today gave me a tax statement for 2019, as the place was one of my bigger employers last year.

Went right to my space after that.  Partly it was to check on the drying progress of my latest print proof, the one I pulled a few days ago.  (had sent an e-mail to the person who ordered it a few days ago to let her know where I was at)  Mostly I was picking up my old wooden chair, a relic of Czechoslovakia that I picked up in Carbondale, which I've been using as a prop for years, for an exercise in negative space.  Stowed it in the black of my car for the next college class.

Everything else that needed to be done today was done at home, so I went there next.


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