Friday, March 20, 2020

I do not like green eggs and ham

The other day my mother decided to stop at a local place and get some bagels, and then she received a gift- the place slipped her a green bagel.  I assume it was some kind of St Patrick's Day promotion, but no one is out buying anything these days, so I guess they were giving them away.  She didn't want it either, and last time I was there she bequeathed it to me.  I told her, "I do not like green eggs and ham," (and if I had any, I would probably assume it was time to throw them out), but I was kind of iffy on green bagels, so I took it.  Brought it home, put it in a plastic bag, stuck it in the fridge, where it would remain fine for a few days.  But now it is a meatless Friday in lent, and my college is afraid to hold classes, so I am at home.  A bagel can make a quick lunch.

So shortly before my lunch break, I took it out to get back to room temperature, sliced it (just as green all the way through), stuck it in the toaster oven and gave it a good toasting.  Spread with cream cheese it tasted like a regular bagel, so it turns out I do eat green bagels.

The original plan was to shut down in person classes at the college for two weeks, though they asked us for lesson plans for four (we have 8 weeks left in the semester).  Then last night we got an e-mail hinting that they might just cancel every meeting for the rest of the semester.  Not good for art classes, which are built on an idea of students working in studios, doing processes, using tools and specialized equipment.  Hard to even imagine ceramics, metalwork, or furniture design happening over the internet.  Things can be shown, but can't be done over the web.  My class is a bit simpler, and I posted instructions, images of example, active links to more stuff, all relevant to a project that they can do at home. (Been doing this project for years, and with frequent absences, most end up doing much of it at home anyway.)   But some of the students are very confused as to what all this means, and being Friday, no one with any power was around, so no ruling so far. When asked, I told students that for now they had an art project and a written assignment to work on, and I'd let them know something after I am told what is going on.

The news today was full of stories of states closing down more and more businesses, so after my classes were done, I took a few minutes to drive up to Ocean Grove and retrieve my current block. Just in case things happen that would prevent me from going back in there for a while.  Nichole was in the office, and said something about the place being open tomorrow, so maybe I'll go back tomorrow and try to pull a better proof.  Time may be running out.


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