Thursday, March 19, 2020

St Joseph's Day, 2020

Here at Studio Arrabbiata we do celebrate a few holidays and today was one- St Joseph's Day.  Very important day in Italy, but almost no one else has heard of it.  (Doesn't get nearly as much press as the  much less significant St Patrick.) The traditional celebration includes a traditional treat, a filled zeppole, and many times on this day I have one, and have shown it here.  But this is not a traditional St. Joseph's Day right now- the corona virus has much of the country shut down right now, including many businesses.  A lot of bakeries aren't even open these days.  On the way home from the Studio I stopped at one place I thought might have one, but they didn't, and I didn't want to travel around the county looking for one. So I fell back on my second option, a nice bowl of a classic Italian dish, fettuccine with sugo (sauce from the batch I made a few weeks ago).

A nice dusting of freshly grated pecorino romano, and you have something as tasty as you will find, even if you don't have a nice pastry filled with cannoli cream to go with it.  Had to settle for some thin mints I had left from my Girl Scout cookie stash.

Happy St Joseph's Day from Studio Arrabbiata!


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