Monday, March 16, 2020

Vesuvio part 13

Like so many other schools, my employer decided the way to go was to close campus for a while. Not sure what the point is, since it is assumed that everyone will eventually get infected anyway, no matter where you are, and younger people so far are the least likely to develop any serious symptoms.  But for now the campus is essentially locked down and we were put under orders to teach remotely for the next few weeks, using the internet.  (if this had happened back when I was a college student I don't know what would have happened, since the internet hadn't been invented yet, but somehow we learned a lot just using books and such) Spent much time the past few days on the computer, coming up with plans, and sending e-mails, probably 40 or 50 just the past few days.  Plus the time spent creating documents to be mass distributed, building websites, etc.  By this afternoon I was ready for a break from computers and video screens, and for my money, nothing serves this idea better than cutting wood.  Since my college days I have known that putting hands to work was a good cure for fried brains, and in my recent woodcut classes I've had those students tell me that they searched the state for a woodcut class just to find something not involving a computer.  So I shut down my PC, and went to my Studio.

Have a project to work on, so it was not a waste of time.  Before I shut it down, used the computer to get a better look at my original digital photo of the interior, so I'd know a little better what I was aiming for.  Was in a jazz mood today, so brought with me my home burned Dexter Gordon Blue Note compilation, and of course my Vesuvio block, my good tools.

The ceiling fan was easy.  Cut the glass parts of the light fixture, but left the rest for now.  In the photo appears to be black metal, so I'll be revealing it as in the negative space in those shadows on the ceiling.  Haven't settled on a plan for that yet, so I'm holding off on that just a little longer. My block drawing gave me enough information to handle the hanging plant.  If this was a black and white print, I'd just leave it black, but since I have color to work with, I cut those leaves out.  Also did a starting version of the walls, though I won't be surprised if in inking I learn there are things that need more work.

What is left is the four framed artworks on the walls (vague shapes of color will be fine for these things meant to be in the background), those ceiling shadows, perhaps some floor shadows, and of course all the people.  These last few items will have to be worked out slowly, as the overall balance of light and dark will depend on them.  But it's good to have something to serve that purpose.

When I got home, fired up the computer, and found I had three new student e-mails that I had to answer right away.  I enjoyed my time with wood while it lasted.


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