Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Vesuvio part 14

Had no new e-mails to deal with this morning, so got my school stuff taken care of quickly and a few other local errands (more and more of a challenge as this virus moves through our nation) and got myself up to the Studio in the late morning.  Didn't bother to pick any particular music to bring with me- figured I had enough there in my library that I'd find something suitable.  There was evidence that Molly had been there since yesterday, but she wasn't there while I was, so music got played. Just started flipping through my cd collection until something sounded right to me, and I ended up with Vendetta by The Brood. Good high energy music suitable for this blah kind of day.  An early 90's girl group, with a retro sound like a 60's girl group, and a look like the Ramones in drag, so all over the place.  Think I first heard them on my friend Kathy's weekday rock show, but my friend Doug also mentioned them around the same time, which is not a surprise as they were both really into music and knew my tastes.  When that disc ended, I went with something different but related, the debut album from Elastica.  Not quite a girl group but close- a male drummer but all guitars and vocals came from the 3 women in the band.  Found them at the radio station in Carbondale, where we had an advance EP on the new releases shelf, and an very long time passed before the self titled album followed.  Part of the British guitar group fad, perhaps the best in my opinion, but like so many of those groups, follow up albums couldn't live up to the first, and soon they were gone.  Also good high energy music.

Today I started on the wall artwork, framed reproductions of paintings.  There are items in the background of the image and can be treated as such.  I sketched in the basic shapes in pencil, and cut them out in a very reductive manner. Crude images that will lack the presence of everything else in the room and won't compete.  Then I started on some figures, taking on the two on the right.  The two most clear in my drawings.  At that point the second disc ended, and I was getting hungry for lunch and decided to end the session.

I ran into Nichole on the first floor and updated her on a few things.  One thing she mentioned was that she expected our building would remain open during regular hours for the duration of this health crisis, which is good because this is where I work.  Still, decided not to take a chance, and brought the block home with me.  Things have been happening way too fast the past few weeks, and I'd hate to have access to one of my blocks get cut off.  Predictions are for nice weather tomorrow, so no difficulty in bringing it back to the Studio and see how far I can get on this.


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