Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Vesuvio part 15

When I got to the Studio building today there were few cars in the lot, and the front door was locked. Odd, but I have a key.  Let myself in, and stopped to talk to Nichole.  She said the door was locked by plan.  Partly to keep people out- fewer visitors, less time they had to spend cleaning.  And there may be some kind of statewide ban on performing arts centers. Tenants like myself are still allowed to come and go, and we all have keys, so no problem.

Once I took care of my initial school work, decided to take advantage of the day to get some art work done, too. For music today, went with things I had there.  One I mentioned the other day, Giant Sand (maybe why it was on my mind today) and the collection Giant Songs.  When that ended, a disc I got from my friend Doug, Street Songs of Love by Alejandro Escovedo.  No relationship that I know of between the two acts, but similar style music- the kind of thing where a radio station that might play one would likely also play the other.  That would be a good station to listen to.

As for today's artwork, I continued where I left off yesterday. It wasn't until I got home yesterday that I noticed that I hadn't cut out the glasses on my seated diner to the right, so I took care of that first.  Then the other six figures scattered around the restaurant.  Still haven't touched the shadows on the ceiling and floor, but maybe I should take a rubbing of the whole thing first, check my value balance, before I cut those last few parts.

Not wanting to take any chances, brought the block back home with me again.  Getting close enough on this that I want to see it done, and would hate for some new law to suddenly take away my access to the block.  If the Studio is open tomorrow, maybe I'll finish it up.


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