Sunday, March 29, 2020

Wearing my Apartment Pants

Late last night I did a routine check of my college e-mail, since papers are due these days and they always write at all hours and days, but I got hit with a problem instead.  A screen pops up, stating that an administrator was choosing to require some kind of authentication process, naming a way of doing this, an also requesting that I scan a computer graphic, the kind of thing that is used to send information to phones and such.  Was this for real?  It made no sense, that the school was going to hit us with a major obstacle, even as we are being forced to teach all classes online, and not being able to access my e-mail account would make that very difficult.  And deciding this on a Saturday night?  On the other hand, the school has made a lot of strange sudden announcements of late, often related to the epidemic.  This past week I had two students tell me that they had days scheduled by the college to come get stuff out of their dorm rooms, only to be told forget it, you can't come, so now they can't get their school art supplies, which will make it hard to do their class work.  I ran this by my supervisor yesterday to see if we had some policy in place to deal with such a situation, and she wrote back to confirm that she had a "reliable" student tell her the same thing.  So nothing my employer does really surprises me at this point.  On the other hand, I don't really trust anything I see on the internet, and this could be just some scam to get me to scan something into my phone.  Since I don't have a device that scans, that didn't happen last night, and later today that demand was gone, so who knows?  Was it a scam, or some college administrator overstepping and being shut down the next day?  If I find out, I'll tell you.

Meanwhile, today was another day.  Thanks to expected heavy rains and a lack of donuts for sale, I had picked up Sunday breakfast in the supermarket yesterday, so I didn't have to go anywhere early today.  Did my usual morning routine, then prepared for another day indoors, which is what most people are doing these days.  With my school e-mail back to functioning, I've had to deal with some students (teaching is a 24/7 thing, even before the virus put us on remote), answering questions, receiving slightly late papers.

For my main meal, I took the pork and black bean chili I made last night and assembled some burritos today, filling tortillas with the chili, some freshly cooked white rice, cheese, a touch of sour cream, and some secret ingredients.  (have lots more of everything, so there will be more burritos in the coming days, reheat, assemble, and eat) Very tasty and filling, so that will be all the food I need today. 

Didn't want to drive to the Studio today, so working from home.  I didn't take the first proof much further than what I showed last time, but that was just color experiments and I learned what I needed to know. So I cut that first one loose from my drawing board, and taped the second one in place today.

It actually works as a black and white print, which is what I want in cases like this, but color was always the intention with this piece, so this one will be getting that treatment.  But now I know what I will be doing, choices already made, and I will take my time and be more careful.  Maybe more tonight at home.  Nothing on tv tonight, so put on some good tunes and get some work done.


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