Monday, April 06, 2020

School Goes On

Seems like the thing that takes most of my time these days is things related to my college job. In recent days I have graded and replied to dozens of papers and artworks.  But now it's been about 24 hours since I have received anything from a student.  Many still owe work, so perhaps this is because due to fluke in the calendar, we have no class scheduled for this week.  But school goes on.  One email that came in late last week was from out department secretary, a request from the Dean for an updated CV. I imagine this is because the dean moved out of our building years ago, halfway across campus, and probably has no idea who we are and what we do. I've had my current computer almost as long as I have been there, which means I have almost every document that I have produced related to my job there.  Dug it up, and saw that it was produced several years ago.  I guess it was due for an update.  So I spent a good bit of today doing just that.  I had started a few days ago, finding dates for material that happened since the last one, making notes.  There have been several shows worth reporting, and several new classes taught.  The one I sent last time was a 3 page CV, and I didn't want to go longer than that, so for every new line I added, I had to find something to remove.  Looked for places mentioned elsewhere, or places of lesser importance. Exported it as a PDF, and sent it to the office.  If they need more, they can let me know.


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