Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Vesuvio part 21

TV is full of news these days, and news is about the pandemic, and it's generally not good news. One effect is to get me up and out of the house, as there is a fear that the next time I need to do something there may be some new regulation or policy that doesn't allow it. A few days ago we got an mass email from Nichole and as usual I had no idea what it meant for me, so we had an email exchange and I got some clarity.  Essentially, no change for me.  Nothing going on in the building, but my keys will still get me access during the day.  She's seeking information about possible financial restitution (for her and for us residents), and if it's out there we'll take it, but I'm not counting on anything.  Besides, that's up to Molly to deal with- she's the lease holder.

A call came in this morning and I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't answer. A voice mail was left, so I decided to listen to that- might be important. And it kind of was, Janet from our department office, starting to put together the fall schedule, wanting to know if I can work the same thing again. I just sent her my updated CV yesterday; maybe this is related.  Decided to hold off on calling her back until after I checked for email, and got on with my day.

Studio business.  Not to work on a new print- still have a lot to do at home.  However, it is still my best place to use for photography.  Only a few cars in the lot and the building looked pretty dark. What I expected.  Got in and went to my basement space.

One task was to get a good shot of the latest status of my Vesuvio print. Working at home in recent days, more color has been added.  Not quite done yet, but progress is being made.  Here's where it's at right now-

The pizza has gotten a few layers, most of the clothing and hair has been worked out.  Added a little tone to the tabletops to move them away from the white of the paper.  But the people aren't quite done, the floor and wall paintings aren't started yet, and no doubt some touch up will be required.  So far I like what I see.

Another task was to take a photo for the next class lesson. Two of the next 3 assignments start with assigned topics, from randomly generated phrases.  This fits in with some traditions in art, and normally we do it in the classroom

but that's not happening this semester, so I'll have to send them by email, probably over the next few days, since I am due to send out another instruction mail.  So instead of picking from hats themselves,  I'll send them several options, and they can choose which ones to use for what, and discard the rest. The words are all taken from headlines in the New York Times, and in theory all should be known to college students, but I expect some will need to look them up, knowing how these students are. They will have time to think about it- no class this week with an Easter break.

The other thing I wanted to do was pick up something.  Another thing in the news lately is face masks. Are they a rule, or a suggestion? News is pretty vague right now.  It is known that where they are needed most, the medical profession, there aren't near enough available. When my supermarket switched form A&P to Acme, I had to start wearing one in the deli, ostensibly to protect people from my mustache.  (more hair in my eyebrows than above my lip, but whatever)  Are they more for the wearer or the people around them?  Answers are still vague.  A lot of people are walking around with bandanas on their faces, like robbers in an old western.  Been keeping an old Boy Scout neckerchief in my pocket when I go to the store, but so far no one has told me to put something on, so I haven't.  And I haven't found any of my old deli ones.  One thing I knew I had in my Studio was the mask I used to wear when I had to mix up batches of acid (water plus Nitric Acid) for etching classes.

This is a serious professional mask, and would likely scare the wits out of the other shoppers in the supermarket (with their bandanas and such), so for now I'll keep it at home, but if it's needed, I'm glad I have it.

After lunch I called Janet at home (the number she left me) and confirmed that I can work my same schedule again.  Of course, we have no guarantees that there is a fall semester right now, but we are all hoping.  And now I am pencilled in.  She confirmed that she had received my updated CV.  Don't know if that's why this happened, but it probably didn't hurt.


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