Saturday, May 16, 2020

Another Day

Took a short trip up to the Studio today for two reasons.  One was to check on something. Whoever had invaded our space opened and went through everything, I guess in an effort to find something worth stealing.  Luckily the burglars don't value all the same things we artists do.  For instance, Molly noted that they didn't take her supply of paper, and I had noticed that my fresh piece of wood was left there.  All the manual tools that they pulled out were just left behind, piled up wherever.  Wrenches, hammers, my mat cutting tool- all very useful to me and would cost a bit to have to replace, but I won't have to, because our criminals didn't want them.  My cd player and discs were untouched, very useful for me, but not generally valued by anyone.

Thinking about it last night, I realized there was one thing I hadn't noticed, but wondered about it.  Got there today and sure enough it was missing.  In my formerly locked cabinet I used to keep a roll of paper towels.  Printmaking can be a messy business.  Got up there today and found that my paper towels were gone- probably the most valuable thing in the cabinet.  Not it terms of cost, but it terms of availability.  Part of the reason they started locking the outer doors of the building was to protect the dwindling supply of paper products. I used to keep a roll of toilet paper in there as well (for nose blowing), but I had taken it home a few weeks ago as an emergency roll, when I put out my last roll from my home supply.   Luckily, the stores finally started stocking the stuff a few weeks ago, and I now have an adequate supply, so I never used it.  And because it was home, it wasn't stolen. Nichole had said she planned to be there today, but no sign of her while I was there, so I sent her an email later giving her an update on my visit, and thanking her for getting our windows closed.  (my second reason to visit) Today all the windows were fully closed.  Maybe word will get around the underworld that our space is a waste of time to break into.

One thing I remembered to ask yesterday was to Molly, about the rent check for May I had left her.  She verified that she had picked it up already, so not only did she get the money she was owed, our burglars didn't get it. So that's something.


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