Wednesday, June 24, 2020

99 Bottles part 5

Got up to the Studio a little past 12, and was surprised to see a tag on our hook by the door.  Other than our dealing with the police, I don't think I had seen Molly in there since before Christmas. But when I got downstairs, she was there, so I wasn't going to be playing any music today.  I had brought a bag of cutting tools, and a sheet of printing paper, just in case I got far enough to use it.

Today was very warm.  The news had predicted 6 days with heavy rains, and today would have been day #6.  So far, not a drop of rain all week, just sunny and hot.  A couple of days ago, they started walking back that prediction, saying that when they predicted rain every day, it really meant a 20% chance of rain each day, which also meant an 80% chance of sun, so really they were accurate in their predictions. Funny how they forgot to mention that 20% until two days ago.  Being that our space in down in the basement, and the dampness and humidity hadn't built down there yet, it was actually quite comfortable down there, better than my apartment.

I got right to work on my block. I had already decided that the drawing was good enough, so my goal was to complete the cutting today.  It's a relatively small block, about 6"x10", and I figured I could get it done. Did the two bottles first, then the empty sand.  The most complex thing to work on was the note- a lot of letters, and I'm used to cutting letters with the grain running vertical, but I didn't have a piece of wood like that, so I had drawn the piece in a way that had the letters on horizontal grain.  It can be done, just had to think a little more.  Meanwhile, looking through the window I could see them setting up for food distribution in the back parking lot.  The bags were disappearing quickly,  but I was more determined to work than to go in search of a free sandwich.  Then I heard a knock on the window- it was Nichole holding up a black and white cookie, in what I assumed was an offer.  I'm not one to turn down one of those, so I looked for my mask to put on and to go out, but then she was already in, with bags for Molly and myself.  Inside the handled bag were two packaged black and white cookies, a roll of toilet paper (always useful) and a closed paper bag marked Ham and Swiss.   Unfortunately she said this was the last time they would be doing this.  I don't know if the organizers had run out of money, or if the "opening" of the state meant that it wasn't thought needed anymore, but this was the last free lunch.  I decided to check it out later and finish the block.

The cutting seems complete, so I decided to call it a day.  (it had been three hours work to get to this point)   The printing can wait for tomorrow.  Get that done, I can still color it by the weekend and get it in on time.  When I got home, I checked out that lunch bag- a ham and cheese sandwich, a bottle of water, a bag of chips, plus the other mentioned items.  A good meal for a hot day like this.


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