Thursday, June 25, 2020

99 Bottles part 6

Had to take care of some lawn mowing in the morning, so I didn't get up to the Studio until the afternoon.  No Molly today, so I could have music.  I decided to continue with the Los Angeles theme I had going earlier in the week, and brought with me a two disc set, the Best of the Doors.  This was a band that was as linked to Los Angeles as any band is to its hometown.  Very well known, too, so no need to write about them.  Kind of overcast today, so less hot, but inside the Studio it was quite humid, more so than the past 3 days that I had been there.

I had finished all the cutting yesterday, so I just went directly to printing today. I prepared two pieces of print paper (Rives Lightweight) of the correct size, and had some black ink out. Didn't have enough ink on the block with the first attempt (a common problem), so it didn't work too well. The paper wanted to stick to my skin more than the inked wood (could be because of the humidity), and the proof shifted before I could finish printing it.  For the second proof I put down more ink, and the paper stuck to the block better.

This is what that 2nd proof looked like when printed. It looks pretty much like I expected.  A little crude in spots, and if this was a straight black and white print I would need a better proof, but in this case I'll be adding color, so the minor flaws don't matter. Good thing, as I was sweating too much to pull another proof down there today. I blotted the excess ink from the block and left it and this proof in my rack to dry for a few days.  The first incomplete proof I stuck in the back of my car, where it can dry safely and I can experiment with adding color when it is safe enough to do so. Nothing more I can do until then.  I like what I have so far, and color will add clarity and balance, so I think this one is working just fine so far.


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