Saturday, June 20, 2020

Something New part 2

Was getting tired last night so I cut off the story of the video early.  Can finish it today.

Yesterday I got my reply to my offer to help with the project.  It verified that the image was to be horizontal (makes sense for a video to be shown on the internet), and received my phrase to illustrate.

My assignment is to create some art to illustrate, "And I would drink all the water in the sea."  The general theme of the song is that the protagonist seems to be stranded on an island somewhere, isolated from the one she loves.  As a result she is drinking down every bottle she can find- whiskey and beer are mentioned.  Maybe partly for the effects of the alcohol, but mostly to get empty bottles so she can put messages into them and throw them into the sea, to get in touch with her lost love.  Perhaps this willingness to consume a sea is meant to demonstrate how far she will go to get more empty bottles.  Perhaps it's to empty the sea so she can walk back home.  (I should read it again to make sure, but for now I'm assuming it is the former) There is a lot of narrative here, and that is the starting point for all my art.

Can I make art with bottles?  Of course- here are some samples-

Can I make art with water or beaches?  Here are some recent examples-

Of course none of this are exactly what I want to do here, but elements that will go into the design have been in my vocabulary in the past, so it's just a matter of coming up with a design.  Another thing I looked at yesterday were images from Frans Masereel, who was a master of narrative art, plus in his years of doing woodcut novels, he drew just about everything. I always bring those with me when a teach a woodcut class, because if you need to see an example of how something can be rendered as a woodcut, it's probably in there. Not because I want students to copy him, but because I want them to see that things can be done.

My next step is to work out some designs on paper, and once I have a plan, start to sketch it out on the wood in pencil.  Then some brush and ink to loosen the drawing a little, make it more gestural. (this style of music seems to call for it)  Then cut it and print it.  Once the ink dries, add a little color, photograph it, upload it, and then wait for her to do her thing.


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