Monday, June 15, 2020

Supermarket Panic part 7

As usual, there were things pulling me in multiple directions all day, which limited me to a short visit to the Studio today.  But there is always work to do there. Brought my current block, which is getting closer to the finish. Still at home this morning, listening to a disc I burned myself, which included various live songs recorded at a radio station that has since closed down and changed formats more times than I can keep track of, but on their way out they decided to play a lot of their archive of recorded live shows, artist appearances, etc, and I taped a lot of these rare bits of music, and later converted them to disc format, so the station has been gone for a few decades, but I can still enjoy what they once were.

What this led me to today was to choose a home burned disc of Matthew Sweet. He's classic 90's power pop, songs with some complex arrangements.  Sweet emerged from the musically fertile Athens, GA scene, and finally had a breakthrough with the Girlfriend album, the title cut becoming a huge hit on radio and tv.  At the time it came out, the media claimed it was a complete solo effort, him playing all the instruments and doing all the vocals.  Not unbelievable, as such things had been done before- Paul McCartney was the only performer on his first solo album back in 1970. In this case, it turned out not to be true- many musicians and vocalists played a part.  Either way, it was quintessential 90's pop.  In the end I came to own two of his albums- a mid 90's album called 100% Fun, and a compilation from 2000 called Time Capsule, a best of for the previous decade.  (plus those live songs on one of my radio discs) I combined songs from the two albums in the era when I could burn discs to make this one I keep in the Studio. Only a little over an hour,  but that was about all the time I had today.

I had spent some time studying the block since my last time working on it.  What I felt needed the most work was the floor, where the black and white tiles function both to balance the values of the whole composition, and to unify the location with the rest of the prints in the series.  (Items on the shelves will also help with the balance, but I have to settle a few other things first.)  I don't know if I have it solved yet, but this is better.  Perspective is improved, and the black and white do create some contrasts that emphasize other shapes.  And then it was time to get to my next location.


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