Wednesday, July 15, 2020

99 Bottles part 8

The video is set to premier tonight at 8 pm (eastern time) I have received multiple verifications from the creator. She also sent this link which can be used to go there directly, though if you try it before 8 pm you just get a message telling you how long until the premier:

If this link doesn't work, you can always just go to YouTube, search for Amy Kucharik, and then for 99 Bottles. That should work.

Ok, so the above link didn't work.  Minutes before the premier she sent one that worked, but even before then I had just followed the procedure listed just above.
Don't know if the link will continue to work or not, so I suggest you just search the site for her.  That always seems to work.

I don't know exactly what time in the video my art will appear, just that it will accompany the line "I would drink all the water in the sea".  Perhaps I'll update this post later with that information.

Yesterday she asked us to proofread the list of contributors and make sure our names were properly spelled.  The problem was she never said where this list was. After a lot of fooling around, I finally found it.  I found my name was properly spelled (not something I can take for granted), but got a better surprise- the list of participating artists also included David Lasky, my former classmate and frequent collaborator.  Probably shouldn't be a surprise, as I knew he had gotten to know her (she is a big comics fan and I pointed her toward his early work), plus he is the one who tipped me that she had music videos up on the web.  In the promotional stuff on her site, she mentioned a plan to have at least 20 contributors, but in this new place she mentioned 50 participants, and from the length of the list, she might be right.

I figured if I had seen Dave's name, he might run across mine, and when I checked the mail box he sends things to, I found email from him. Just a short note acknowledging that I had also contributed.  I sent him a similar reply, and will send a more detailed note later, after I see this new video.

Update: My art shows up at about 2:45 into the video. Following the watching, I joined the official zoom meeting for a few moments.  It was kind of choppy, which they think was an internet problem on their end.  Was on long enough to say hello to everyone, including Dave.


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