Wednesday, July 15, 2020

99 Bottles Premier

At 8 pm tonight I went to the link that was to take me directly to the premier of the new video, but it didn't work. (this is why I prefer to just cut wood- never lets you down)  So I went with the back up plan, which I has also listed on my last positing about the video- just go to the YouTube site, search the singer by name, then the song. And there it was. (above you see a piece of Dave's art as part of the video)  I think it looked quite good.  Lots of images, timing seemed right, there was motion.  When my piece showed up (about 2:45), it looked fine, so I guess my photography worked. I went back to the inbox and found another mail from Amy, saying that the previous link provided was no good, and here was the real one.  Good thing I wasn't relying on that.

Next step was to try to join the online chat.   She had sent a Zoom link, along with a specific meeting group, so I tried that.  First I had to download and save the program. Then I had to run it and join the group, but it actually worked.  Saw about half a dozen people present, including Dave.  But the images and sound was a little choppy. Amy said that they seemed to be having some internet problems where they were, but she had stayed on to make sure she saw and welcomed everyone who had come, including me, which I very much appreciated.  With that, I signed off and went to update my posted links.  I tried to come back a few minutes later, but the meeting was gone.

I think the video was a big success. The music and the images all seemed to fit together.  I am properly credited with my name spelled correctly.  I don't know if this will lead to anything else for her or for me, but if so, you'll read about it here.


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