Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Life in the JSAC

Dropped by the building in the afternoon on an errand.  Not picking up a free meal.  Nichole told us at the last one that it would be the last food distribution.  It was the town's deal, not a building program.  Maybe the town ran out of money.  Maybe it was getting too hot.  It's certainly not that there still isn't a need- the pandemic and the economy are still getting worse.  They were good meals, so I appreciated them, but that's over.  My purpose today was to pick up the block from my recent piece for the video.  I don't know if I will succeed in joining the video link at the "opening", but in case I do, I figure it would be good to have the block to show, as I assume most participants don't know what a woodcut is.

Got the block without a problem, but there was one new odd thing. Before leaving I always check to make sure both doors are locked.  Our space has two doors- one off the main hallway (with the yellow brick road), and one off the hallway leading to the rest of the building.  The same key unlocks both doors, until today.  The door in the main hallway was the same as usual, but the door in the other hallway had a brand new knob. No key I have fits it.  I went back in the first door to look at the knob from the inside.  There was no inside lock, so while I could open it from the inside, there was no way to unlock the door without a key.  Maybe this is a work in progress, and we will eventually a new knob on the other door and keys to work them.  In any case, I need to contact Nichole and try to learn what is going on.

We did get an email today with a program update- their major fundraiser, a big race, is not going to happen now, covid problem. People will be urged to do things on their own and donate money to the building.  Leftover shirts from last year will be available for free, and while new shirts for this year will be available for purchase, maybe not by the planned date. None of this affects me. No plans yet for opening up the building, and for now nothing changes for us residents.  At least we got that.


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