Monday, July 06, 2020

More life with puzzles

A few weeks back one of my college friends got the idea that some of my more complex woodcuts would make good jigsaw puzzles, an item that became more popular in the age of self isolation, and requested some digital photos as part of the investigation.  I agreed that my art would probably make good puzzles, and if there was a demand, I'd be part of it.  Her first attempt was based on my History of Art print

which is big, bold, colorful, and detailed.  Probably a lot of stuff to work with.  I don't have any high resolution photos of my work (I shoot digitally for this blog, and for things online, low resolution is better), so I just took the largest photo I could and sent it.  The puzzle came back a few weeks ago, and she and her husband attempted it over the weekend, and found it very hard to do.  (I created my image from a blank piece of wood and a weird idea, and they have the image to look at, so I don't see what the problem is.) As far as turning this into a commercial venture, she brought up the potential problem that there are quite a few copyrighted/trademarked images in there. Not a problem in fine art,  but a potential problem for something begin sold commercially, so for her next attempt she'd like to try a boardwalk image.  I had sent some a few weeks ago, but she had a hard time opening the files, which I don't understand because they open in a lot of places, including for the video last week.  But to speed up the process,  I brought a few candidates to the Studio today to shoot again, and sent the new photos to her tonight, along with stories.  Weather was brutal today, and even Bobby in the basement was complaining about the warmth down there, but it wasn't nearly as bad as up in the sun. If something comes from this, you'll find out here.


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