Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Supermarket Panic part 10

Another hot one today.  News said that we have above normal temperatures and humidity.  So I decided to get to the Studio a little earlier than usual, before the heat of the day got too bad.  The dog days of August have nothing on what we got here. At least I had less to carry in today- just the block and my bag of tools.  No one was there yet, so I put on some music from my library, my home burned disc of early albums from the Jayhawks. Got to work on the latest supermarket block when all of a sudden Molly arrived.  The good news is that my Jayhawks disc is one of her favorites that I have, even listens to it sometimes when I am not there.  (today she even mentioned that her daughters have become Jayhawks fans, but they weren't around today) For Molly it was a short stay, and she left before the disc ran out.  At that point there was still more I wanted to finish, so I put on a short disc, one on the same page in my disc holder.  It was 1977 from Ash, the debut album from this Northern Irish punk/pop band. I only knew two songs on the album, one that had a video that played often on MTV's 120 Minutes in that era (mid 90's), and one that played over the closing credits of the first big American Jackie Chan movie (the song repeatedly rhymes "Jackie Chan" and "Taiwan"- maybe it's an Irish thing), but I listened to the whole album at the record store and decided it was worth owning.  The album did well in both sales and reviews in Britain, but nothing here.

What I had decided to tackle today was the most complex part of the image, the main part of the shopping cart.  Between the grids created by the sides of the cart, the plexiglass walls, and the full load of much sought items in our pandemic era, that's as far as I got in the two hours I was there.  Didn't even get to the cart pusher or the rack below.  At least what remains in this image will be easier to cut.  Molly looked at the block and decided it was very appropriate to our times and raised the meaning of the whole series.  I appreciate her positive opinion, but for me it's just another weird thing I was exposed to and decided to turn into a print.  I think it's working so far.


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