Friday, July 17, 2020

Supermarket Panic part 12

While still in bed this morning I heard the sound of heavy rain.  I wasn't planning to mow the lawn today, but this cinched it.  Instead, spent the morning doing a lot of internet correspondence, and made a trip to the Studio in the early afternoon. Cloudy, and with no sun, not too hot out, though the humidity was climbing. Inside the building not too bad yet. Had the Studio to myself.  A recent email link I had gotten from Dave made me think of Marc Ribot, so I started of with a album he did with Los Cubanos Postizos (which he translates as the Prosthetic Cubans) Ribot is a guitarist who has played on more albums than I can count (including some that I owned), but this one is a tribute to a particular song writer and band leader.  Mellow music with a Cuban feel. He also does rock and roll, jazz, experimental music, etc, but I didn't have those with me today. The perfect album to follow this one would have been an experimental album done by members of Los Lobos as a side project (Latin Playboys, one I ran across at a college station), but I don't have a copy in my Studio library, and blank CD's aren't made any more, so I guess I never will. Instead I went with another album I did have that includes guitar from Ribot (I told you), but not with a Cuban feel- the self titled debut from David Poe- all acoustic.

Today's cutting included the black and white floor tile pattern, the seated security guard in the deep background, and more of the shelves. It's getting closer. But the humidity kept building, and I decided it was time to move on. I think the balance is holding up so far.


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