Thursday, July 02, 2020

Supermarket Panic part 9

Late last night we got an update on the status of the 99 Bottles video.  In a mass mailing to all the participants, Amy told us that she had received artworks from most of the people who had signed up for the project, with a few who begged for extra time expected to get them in later this week.  Her plan was to start editing together the video tomorrow, so she can meet the deadline given to her for its completion.  (the whole project is backed by a local arts organization ) So not much I can do there right now.  And the puzzle project is also on hold, with my friend Jenny unavailable right now.  She and her husband had gone to their rental property last week to do some work, which left her feeling somewhat unwell, and her solution was to self isolate while she waits for the results of the covid 19 test she just took.  (results expected next week) So I decided to get back to a project that I can do without anyone else right now- my new supermarket print.

Today I went back to the Studio with my new supermarket block and some cutting tools.  Found a tag up on our hook, the lights on, and the radio tuned to NPR (a show about the hiring of lifeguards at a NYC pool), but no sign of Molly being present.  Hadn't really expected to see her there, as she had said she wanted to be done with all her work by Tuesday and not have to leave her house the rest of the week as all the tourists start entering the area.  For the moment I had the place to myself, and since I had no interest in the lifeguard story, I turned off the radio and switched to CD, and put on what I felt like listening to- The Beatles White Album.  Didn't bring it with me from home, but I do keep a copy on disc there at all times.  If you don't know about it, I'll let you look it up for yourself.  As one of the most famous and best selling albums of the rock era, there's plenty out there about it.

Eventually Molly did show up, but by then I was working on my project, and she got into hers, blow drying piles of screen printed cloths, and stacking up screen printed paper.  I just kept working,

 I had done just a little more drawing- a background at the end of the aisle, and a few items on the shelves. but mostly I was in the mood to do some cutting.  Had my big bag of tools with me today, both the class tools and my personal tools, giving me opportunities.  I did the outline around the border, and the one large white area in the image, a section of the floor.  But I decided that was enough for today, and I'll save the more complex cutting for another time.


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