Saturday, July 11, 2020

This Puzzle Is Difficult

Got an email this afternoon from my friend Jenny's husband John, with an update on the puzzle situation.  They had managed to turn one of my woodcut prints into a jigsaw puzzle, an item that gained new popularity while everyone was forced to stay home during the pandemic.  Jenny thought that my prints might make good jigsaw puzzles, so I sent her some photos to play around with.  The first one she converted was my piece A History of Art.  Considering it later, Jenny felt this might not work, due to the large number of trademarked items in my tower.  I agreed, what might work in fine art might be a problem in a commercially produced product, so this first jigsaw puzzle might be the last one of this image, but since it is already made, they might as well see how it turned out, and we'd learn something about the process along the way.  A few days later I got the report that it was difficult, but I figured with the original image to copy from, it could be worked out.

The subject/title of today's email was just the words "This puzzle is difficult", and it included a few photos of the puzzle in progress, such as the one above.  To me it looks like they made some good progress.   The image seems to have reproduced well in puzzle format, making the idea of future projects seem promising, though I don't have any knowledge yet of how much such a thing would cost.  Looking at the individual pieces, I can recognize what part of the image they came from, but I probably have more knowledge of the image than most people on earth.  To me, it looks like a fun puzzle, an interesting challenge.  When it is done, I think it will look very impressive.  And I do think that eventually they will finish it.  I'm curious to see how it ends up.


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