Thursday, July 16, 2020

Yea, It's done

Got word tonight from south of the Mason Dixon line that the puzzle version of A History of Art is now finished, less than a week after my friends mentioned struggling with it. I had no doubts- a whole lot of small recognizable items, seemed a natural to put together.  Here's the proof:

I think it's a very nice piece of art, but I'll admit I am a bit biased in this.  They claimed it was difficult to put together, but the pieces seen in close up look normal enough by jigsaw standards.  If it was a challenge, well shouldn't it be? This wasn't supposed to be a kid's puzzle, something to be put together quickly then put away to make room for the next activity.  I'll have to find out from them how many pieces were part of this. As I wrote before, we had already decided that for legal reasons this would be a poor choice to manufacture and sell in large quantities, but it looks good. What happens from here we will find out later.


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