Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Yet More Puzzle Fun

Actually not that much happened today, but I did receive a shipment of puzzles from my friend.

The box included several puzzles, four of which were sealed in their boxes. Was sent two of one particular print, so probably a good one to share with potential customers.  My work looks good on the box covers, and the one that I received shots of in progress also looked good. These are all early prototypes, and we had discussed going with a smaller size (thus less expensive) for future examples. If I understand her emails, a few more may already be completed and may come soon. Seeing what is to come and learning prices will be necessary in this process, but these early examples will tell everyone much.   The one seen here, the arcade, is one that Jenny also kept for herself to try out, and then to give to someone else to try out, so I may have some photos of that soon.  Meanwhile, today was another hot and humid day, too much so to go running around, so this story is far from over.


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