Thursday, August 06, 2020

Puzzle Success

Yesterday morning I finished the first puzzle, my miniature golf piece.  I had been working on it for about a week, around the various other things I have to do, in the dark today, as the tropical storm took away our power for now.  
I have to admit it was more of a challenge than I expected.  Some parts went very fast, such as that brightly colored clown in the right half.  Figures usually worked out- I had a shape to aim for and could see where things came together. The windmill, and the red and white grid by the giant fish were easy colors to put together. The broad colors if the sky were tougher, with few shapes to work with, but I am very good at matching colors.  Negative space helped with the edge, the white around the black border.  Hardest was the red and white picket fence, so I saved it for last.   Sometimes I thought I would have too many pieces. Sometimes I thought I might not have enough.  Sometimes I was afraid they were the wrong pieces, as the shapes and colors seemed wrong.  Then all of a sudden, it was done and I had exactly the right pieces.  Above is what it looked like, at least with natural sunlight, which is all I had to work with.  But it was done.

I like the results. It was a good print, so it made a good puzzle.  The colors reproduced well, almost like an oil painting.Whether or not it's a good product I have no idea.  It was fun and occupied a lot of time, easy to get lost in the process, so if that's your goal, this is something for you.   If you want something to finish quickly, you wouldn't like this. I'll get some more opinions.

Since the power never came back. and we had no idea if it would, I decided to flee to my parents' house and the electricity they had.  Brought my computer. Took care of some email first,  but before I could get to the blogging, we had a new power failure (fallen line, blown transformer- there were a variety of stories out there), so this had to wait for today. Last night was an early night.


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