Sunday, September 06, 2020

A New Phase part 3


I had one goal to get done today- to get better transcript images, especially now that I had found all three from my eduction.  Rather than go up to the Studio and use the tack board, I thought I would just tape them to a drawing board and rely on sunlight, since we always seem to have a lot of sun. But first I had to get tape, which I knew I had in print bag out in my car.  I always have a roll of blue painter's tape, which works well as a masking agent on my woodcut blocks.  Switched my camera to the largest photo setting it has, taped the transcripts up one at a time, and took the photos. Downloaded them to the computer and edited them. Definitely look better than the last ones I did.  Good enough?  I guess I'll find out later. Probably at least as good as scanning the documents on a printer, but either way they would be unofficial.   

I also set up a new blog, which can act as my online portfolio.  Haven't actually filled it in yet, but one thing I have in large supply is images of works- my own, my students.  Had some of my recent college students tell me that they found being able to see completed student works to be very helpful in doing the projects.  I would never ask them to copy what another has done, but I guess seeing where they should end up was very useful to the process.

I tracked down the job listings on the college website, and they are still there.  Still no deadlines, and I don't know if any classes are meeting in person right now. One good thing- no request for references. Not sure how many I could dig up these days.  Would have started the application process except it wasn't going to let me. To apply for a job through the website requires a user ID, and it seems the only way to get one is to have one already. Colleges all want to make things more complicated than they need to be- I'm just a guy who likes to teach art and is good at it. I'll have to find a way around that, but it can wait until tomorrow.  Nothing is going to happen on a campus until after Labor Day has passed. 


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