Thursday, October 01, 2020

A New Challenge

 Right now I have a problem I have not had to deal with for a while, finding a job while not having one.  That would seem challenging enough in this age of high unemployment, but I was unprepared for one task that is part of the process- finding job references.  Most job applications ask you to provide references, maybe letters, or at least a list of names they can contact to check up on you.  In the past I had a list of such people, generally linked to past or current jobs I had.  The problem is that it's been a while since I had to look for a job, and the list of people I had is a problem- they have all moved on from the jobs they had.  Retired, moved away, died, etc.  And generally there is a preference for people who are currently working in jobs, which is not as common as it once was. 

Generally most jobs ask for three, so that was my goal. Thought of a few likely candidates and got their agreement to do so early in the week.  Still wanted at least one more.  Yesterday when I was talking to Nichole (from that initial list, and she agreed), she suggested a few more, some of whom I had put on a short list of potential third persons.  Sent an email to one last night (recent former student in Ocean Grove) but as of now I still haven't heard back from her yet.  The email was not bounced back, so I guess the address is still valid, but I have no idea is she has read it or not.  Meanwhile I tried another possibility today- Bobby Duncan.  He's one of the artists down in the basement and has known me for years, plus he even has an actual job title- building monitor, which sounds more impressive than it is.   So I went to see him today, taking a meal break in the Room of Many Feasts, between a shift on the mural he's been employed to create and his job in the building. He agreed, and gave me one of his homemade business cards to use for his reference contact, so at least I have this task done.


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