Wednesday, October 07, 2020

A Not Quite Great Pumpkin part 3


I stopped by Manasquan just long enough to check on the planter piece, and as expected, the ink was still a bit wet.  So nothing painted today, but preparations were started.  Earlier in the afternoon I stopped by the Studio to pick up a few items.  Got the glass rotating plate from an old small microwave oven, a small tube of brown water soluble relief ink, and a small square brush.  Any one of these things would have made yesterday's work easier.  I use the glass plate (and also a square one from a different microwave oven) as small portable palettes for mixing and rolling ink- the thick tempered glass doesn't seem likely to shatter as I carry it from place to place, and the smooth surface is easy to mix on, to roll ink on, and to clean off with water.  The brown ink will improve the depiction of the woody stem on the pumpkin, and the brush will allow me to paint the details a lot better.  For now these items stay in my car, but when this thing is dry enough for the next layer, I'll be ready.


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