Saturday, October 31, 2020

Busy Day

 One of those days when I had a lot of things to do and it started early in the morning, or early for me anyway.  One nice thing- the sun was out today, for the first time in about two weeks.  On the other hand, the temperatures dropped about 20 degrees.  On the whole, probably a net gain for any kids going  trick or treating, if such a thing is even happening in this covid era.

Month is ending this weekend, which means bills are coming due.  One of my tasks today was to go to the bank with a check, and to write a bunch of checks and get those in the mail.   At least there was no rain.  One of the bills due this weekend was for my Studio rent, so I had to leave that today.  

Things were busy around the building today, with some of the first activities scheduled for a while. Early in the day there was a trick or trunk event, which generally means candy distribution out of cars, so kids don't need to go to all the houses, so I assume that's what this was. Later tonight there will be a outdoor seasonal movie (indoor activities are still a problem these days), and I knew from the newsletter that at the time I planned to be there the parking would exist.  As I drove up Main, I could see things were set up in the back parking lot, but I could park in the front, and there were only a few cars there. Through the window in my space (see above) I could see things were happening in the back, but I didn't need to get candy, so I stayed out of their way.  

When I was finished with my business, I locked up and went to leave. Two elderly women were banging on the front door window, demanding to be let in.  I told them that the afternoon event was out back and they should just walk around the building.   They insisted that they had a scheduled meeting in the theater.  I pointed out that all the people involved in running the building were out back (I had seen them from my window), but they weren't having any of that. One thing I have learned is that people that age can't be reasoned with (see the last posting I did) One went charging past me, and the other just gripped the door and wouldn't let go.  I didn't want to interfere if there was a reason for them to be there, and if there wasn't, they would find out soon enough.  One asked if I would let them back into the building. I told them I was leaving, and that if they needed more information, the people in the back parking lot knew everything.  

But I wasn't quite done with my day yet.  On my way home last night the maintenance light had finally come on.   All the cars I have owned in the past, you kept track of mileage and at a certain point you changed the oil or whatever else was required. This car tells me what it wants when it feels it is time.  Every year, on the first cool day of the fall, it insists that the tires are flat.   I used to check tire pressure, but now I just look at them and see the tires are fine, a system that had worked for decades.  This car wants the oil changed when it reaches what it decided is 15% oil life left.  The last oil change was probably back in the spring (when things were still open everywhere), because we have had very little driving to do the past 8 or 9 months.  But last night the car said it was time, and it's probably overdue.  So I stopped off and made an appointment for early next week. 

I could have stopped for some takeout for lunch, but I wanted to get home in case any trick or treaters came around.   Cleaned one of my metal beer trays, dumped a bag of candy on it, grabbed a pair of tongs and a mask (my solution to the social distancing and safety concerns) and brought it downstairs to near my door, and then had lunch in my kitchen. But no one rang my bell, and I heard no hordes of kids roaming around seeking candy.  At 8 pm I put it all away. My one bag of candy will be enough this year.

This is unrelated, but I discovered something recently. I started this blog back in 2007, and I have posted to it about 2100 times since then.  I knew that, but what I just found is that the blog has been viewed over 80, 000 times.  That is a lot of people stopping by to see what I have written.  When someone leaves a comment or question I always respond to it, but that is less than 100 in all that time, so I have no idea who all these people were.  It would be great if I could make some money from this.


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