Sunday, March 14, 2021


My sister-in-law came by to do some hair trims today, which meant the whole family came over.  The oldest daughter is the one who took my drawing class yesterday and something not unexpected happened- she had another shoe drawing to show me.  One thing I found long ago was that if people drew shoes in my class, it was not unusual for them to draw more shoes on their own when they got home.  My theory  is that the shoes they did in my class was the first drawing they had done since they were a kid, probably the first formal drawing they had done since they were a kid, and possibly the first time they had gotten any drawing instruction, and they were excited to learn they could actually draw something and have it look like the subject. Once had a student in my Intro class bring back a shoe drawing she had been working on for a few weeks, which she was very proud of, and her mother was very pleased, and they planned to frame it at the end of the semester.  Best thing she had ever done she claimed. On two occasions I had adult visitors come to classes to evaluate my teaching.  Two different classes,  but each time it happened that I was doing the shoe project that night.  I gave each a shoe and a piece of paper so they could participate.  Neither was an artist (it's sometimes done that way), but both took to it, praising my way of teaching the subject, and one emailed me that she went home and immediately started drawing more shoes.  I had given no homework, but some people can't stop with the shoes. In my niece's case, she draws a lot, but I don't know if anyone ever told her how to do the things I recommended, but she was trying it. 


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