Friday, March 19, 2021

St Joseph's Day

 St Joseph's Day has come around again, one of the holidays we celebrate here at Studio Arrabbiata.  Still no camera, so we will have to settle for file photo, but boy do I have a lot of photos saved on my computer.  Traditional food here is a zeppole filled with cannoli cream, usually with chocolate chips as well.  My mother planned to go out for some and asked me and my father what we would prefer- cannoli (ricotta plus sugar), custard, or whipped cream (I've had all three and none are really bad).  I prefer the first, my father was hoping for the second one.

Full disclosure- there was a possibility of snow today, so she went out on Thursday, one day early. And what she found was cannoli cream, ones looking like what you see above, except garnished with a thin slice of candied orange peel, a common thing on these. I decided to go ahead and eat it last night, as filled pastry sometimes isn't so good the next day.  Had half, decided I liked it, and just ate the other half. 


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