Monday, June 21, 2021

More Ocean Grove Business


As we move through June I realize that I may have a woodcut class coming up soon.  I am scheduled to teach a second session class at the JSAC in woodcut printmaking, and as a reminder I've been getting the general emails going out on the subject.  I taught two sections of woodcut in that place back in 2019, the last time classes were offered there, or probably any other place, thanks to Covid 19.  But things are starting to get back to normal, and that includes a bunch of classes this summer.  All I have heard is that the watercolor class is full, and other classes are filling fast.  (the above photos are from one I taught back in 2019)  I recently inventoried and cleaned out the tote bag I was keeping print supplies in, in my car.  Further car cleaning turned up a bag with cans of ink that I thought was lost or in storage, so that is good to have.   What I didn't know yet was if there would be a class at all, and my email question was ignored, so I decided to go ask myself. After my weekly speech therapy appointment, I took the ride up route 35 to Neptune.  Unfortunately, it was decided to close 35 and divert us to another road going in the opposite direction, so it took a little while to get to my destination.  

I found Nichole and got the latest, which was while most classes were filling, mine was one of those still with no signed up students.  We have another week to go before the deadline, so we are hoping for the best. No class means I can delay the acquisition of a new saw for a little while. We also talked a little about Mary Lane's plan to donate a press and tools to the building, but it may be a while before she can come up with a plan to do so. Although the building still seems pretty empty, the phone list that was published last week shows almost no vacancies.  

Went to my Studio to see what I could find there, as the books and prints I used to bring to classes (if there is a class) are mostly in storage and I'm unlikely to see them in the next week.  As I expected, lots of blocks are available to show as examples, and a few prints.  My mother suggested that I see if the library has any print books of the famous artists, so I may do that tomorrow, online of course.

While still in the basement I ran across Bobby Duncan, one of our longtime tenants. (his class is also empty right now) He has also had a lot of illness, worse than me, but is making a recovery himself.  Besides the work he does for the building, he also is a professional artist, often working on commission.  Today he told me about one thing keeping him busy these days, a giant mural inside a warehouse/garage of the Circus Drive-In, so we had a new subject to talk about.

He mentioned a fondness for the Soft Shell Crab sandwich, which I made part of the subject of print I did a few years ago.  

After that, I headed home. I always have something to do there as well.


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