Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Back in Ocean Grove


Went back to the Studio today for various reasons.  Didn't really make any new artwork, but I did pick up a piece of wood, cut to the size necessary for a supermarket print, but this time may be my new multistory piece.  I'll see after some more paper sketches.

Part of my reason for going was to see Nichole, and she was there, so I learned a few things.  One was about future classes.  My class this summer didn't happen, so I am waiting to see what happens in the future.  Some may depend on who comes back for the fall or not.  Some summer classes may continue in the fall, and if they do, they will get those spots.  There also may be a open house thing to promote future classes. I'll learn more later.

Part of seeing her was to get an update on Mary's questions.  She confirmed that she had met with her and had mentioned the workshop room in the basement as a possible place for her to set up her planned classroom. On the other hand, she may end up giving her the whole space, or at least making it all one large classroom. She agreed a lot of cleaning will probably have to happen, and it will be a while before it happens. She also said that she may want to talk to Asbury Park herself before Mary does, which might be for the best.  But she does feel that the JSAC could help the school district fill some gaps in their arts education, and that's a good thing for everyone.  

The other thing I had wanted to find out about was a new discussion group happening tonight.  I got an email this morning announcing it.  Two women I don't know, but are running the performing arts schedule there this year, are hosting it.  Early Wednesday evenings in the lobby.  Of course I thought of our old critique group, which had many art discussions, and sometimes met on Wednesday nights, though a bit later.  However, ours was a true critique group, while this one seems to be more about discussions of creativity and the kind of things I tend to skip.  Nichole didn't know much about it, and the organizers were not there during the day, so I'll still skip this, and find out about it later.   Our critique group was successful and brought in people from all around the state, but ended as more or more regulars moved away, and founder Molly only seemed to want to be there if she had something of her own to show, often disappearing for the rest of the critique after she had shown her own thing.  I don't plan to go this weekly thing until I learn more.


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