Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Fever Dream part 2


Had enough time today to go up to the Studio, so I went in the afternoon.  Upon arrival I saw that Nichole's car was there, so I made her office my first stop in the basement.  I was sure that by now, the class I may have would be listed, but I didn't know when the deadline is, and just didn't feel like putting on my computer today to look for myself.  It turned out that the class just went online yesterday, so my timing was about right.  No one yet, which is expected.  The registration deadline isn't until September, so I have some time there as well.  

Went to my Studio next.  Not too hot, but was feeling a little steamy. However, nothing to stop me from working.  Had brought my block home, so I had to bring that with me today, as well as pencils and my sketchbook.  I am planning to have my usual border, but I have also decided to use my Studio as part of the structure of the composition.  The plan includes looking through my Studio door, with items on both sides, making a kind of frame for the composition.  Everything else will be seen through the door, things in there.  As part of my plan, I had made a list of elements I was planning for the composition, I gave each a designation as either foreground, middle ground, or background, an aid to putting it all together.

My start last week was a foreground piece, my hand holding one of my key rings, the one with all the studio keys. It's in close up, one the right side of the block. or what will be the left side of the print.  The wall behind it will go in eventually.  Today I added the border line, and some items that will be just inside the door.  There is a little piece of a desk, covered with papers, on top of which will be a food tray, and a hand can be seen holding a slice of pizza.  Leaning against the desk are some silkscreen frames.  The small desk with papers and food are common elements of dreams I have had lately, though the slice of pizza is drawn from life, take out I bought across the street from the Studio, open following the worst of the pandemic.  The silkscreen frames are always there in my Studio- Molly hasn't gotten rid of anything she has in years.  I don't know if any of these things are finished, but they look good so far. 

My music for today was my live Dream Syndicate album.  I wrote about this back in April, 2020, if you want to learn more.  That it also mentions the word "dream" is just a coincidence.  I actually wanted to listen to my home burned disc of The Brood album "Vendetta", but it refused to play in the boom box I had there. I am listening to that same disc right now on a boom box at home, so I guess it's not the disc itself.  The Brood were an all girl group out of Portland, Maine in the 1980's and 90's, considered garage rock, but I'd also say a retro band in the nature of the Cynics, with appropriate keyboards and guitars.  More about them if I ever can listen to that disc in the Studio.


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