Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Fever Dream part 3


Was up at the Studio a little past 1 pm today.  Didn't see Nichole's car in the lot, so I figured she wasn't there and went right to my space to work.  I had worried that it would be hot and sticky today, between the weather and the tendencies of the basement, but it was fairly comfortable in there.  

I had drawn a few things in detail on the block, but hadn't tried most of it yet.  Today I decided to bite the bullet and rough in the ideas I had, and see what would fit and what wouldn't.  (I have more ideas than I have space for)  So today's sketches were mostly pretty rough, but enough to see what might fit where.  What I put in today was one of my Studio chairs (drawn from life), some very rough helicopter nurses, part of a supermarket, a comic book bin being looked through, a clothing rack and escalator from a mostly abandoned department store, and a Disney style princess castle starting to go up in flames.  (I have some weird dreams, but this one isn't too weird for art)  The floor includes some carpet, some tiles, and some overgrown grass and weeds.  

In some cases I have source material for the final drawings, and those will be easy. I can do those there or at home.  Some borrow from art I have already done.  A few are things I just have to work out, but I have enough art skills to do that.  Some I still need to find, but I have ideas where to look.  I think the general composition is good, so I'm on the right track.

For music today, I brought my case of rock/pop discs, and without having a plan of what to listen to, I selected my Gun Club disc.  You can read about that on this blog back in November, 2019.  Good music for a crazy kind of scene like this.


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