Saturday, August 28, 2021

Old Activity


I had learned a few days ago that Molly had a show coming up.  I hadn't seen her, but the level of activity in the Studio had picked up, and the amount of art she was making went up as well.  But I found out for sure when my mother had mentioned seeing something in the local weekly.  There was a show at the Main Street Gallery in Manasquan, a place that had turned me down in the past.  I knew Molly had found some part time work sketching animals (pets) and some of this art included that.  It was a two person show, along with someone named Elizabeth Sabine, who did classic landscapes.  I wasn't sure if I was going for two reasons- first I had never received an invitation to go by postcard, phone, or email, and second, there was a lot of rain predicted for the day and night.  But in the end, the rain never came, and since I hadn't seen Molly since before my operation, and the gallery was a very short car ride away, I went.

The gallery was easy to get to, and there were hardly any cars around, so plenty of parking.  No one in the gallery was wearing a mask, so I left mine in my pocket and went in. Maybe 15 to 20 people in the gallery, including staff and live musician.  One person I knew- Sandy Taylor from Belmar Arts, so I got to learn a few things that are going on there, as well as let her know what was going on with me.  (as an artist, I know that you end up spending a lot of the time at these openings working the room and not talking to friends and acquaintances that show up)  Some of work was older and I had seen before.  Some were items I had seen in the Studio, or similar things.  There were three pieces that were new to me- large works that combined some of her typical abstract shapes and large versions of the sketchy figures I saw a lot of in the Studio, as well as there in the gallery.  I liked them and told her so in the limited time I had to talk to her.  Whenever I next see her in the Studio (which she promises she will finally have time to clean now, with this show up and both her kids in college now) I will talk to her more about those.  After about an hour, I headed home.  


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