Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Trying Again


It's been a while since I had a woodcut class.  Last year just about everything was shut down, so there were no classes of anything anywhere.  The year before that I had two classes of woodcut at the JSAC, plus two drawing classes, but last year Covid shut down everything. (the above photo goes back to the last class a few years ago)  But we are trying to get back to normal now, so it was put on the schedule for this summer.  Unfortunately, no one signed up. (People either really love the idea of learning woodcut, and are willing to travel far distances to take a class, or they are scared to death to try it.)  It may be that potential students are still afraid to take any class, or people aren't used to taking classes yet.  This summer, some classes happened, and some got no sign-ups.

The director at the JSAC still believes in what I do, and art classes in general, so she decided to put up another small bunch for the early fall, including woodcut, so part of the responsibly falls to me to promote it.   So that is what I am doing.   This next class meets for 6 weeks instead of the usual 4, and rules for contact between students and tools are still being worked out, but we have a few weeks before it is scheduled to start.  The class will meet Saturdays, from 2 to 4 pm, assuming that people sign up.  They are looking for minimum of 4 students, but we do get to meet on the 1st floor, much more comfortable conditions than he basement we mostly had the last time.  I still provide wood, paper, ink, cutting and printing tools, students bring their ideas, and woodcut are made.  Never had class any place where every student didn't finish at least one print, and that was in four weeks, so we may have to find something else to do, or explore some other processes. The first step is getting some students, which I  hope happens.  If not, we will try again next year.

For more information, see the JASC website, or contact them to sign up for the class.  And if you are not interested, but know someone who may be, pass the information on to them.


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