Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Fever Dream part 10

 A beautiful day today, so a good day to go for a drive up to the Studio.  Don't have my good cutting tools yet, which are probably in storage, so I am using my class tools to cut the new block.  Luckily, these are pretty good tools (I wouldn't have my students get them or use them if they weren't), if not at the level that I am used to.  And I know that they are sharp, because I checked them before the classes I didn't have this summer.  And if they get dull, I have sharpening stones.  The block drawing isn't quite done- I want to check and fix a few things- but I can start cutting things that are drawn right. And I do want to get started cutting.  I haven't cut any wood since last summer, since before my operation, and I want to make sure I can still do that.

Brought with me the block, the tools, pencils, and my small case of jazz/blues discs, but it turned out I didn't need this last item.   I ended up choosing music from the small pile of discs I left in the Studio, in case Molly decided to listen to one.  (she listens to the radio about 95% of the time, so a small pile of discs is enough)  I left things I figured she would like, and so I left the two Neil Young discs that I got from my old classmate John Siblik, several years ago.  After being told that Nichole was on the phone and I should come back later, I went to my Studio to work and chose one of those Neil Young discs, something Siblik had labeled Live at Massey Hall 1971.  I didn't know if it was an album, or something he had recorded elsewhere.  Some internet research I did later at home told me it is indeed an album, recorded at a show in Toronto back in 1971, for possible release as an album that year, but Young decided he'd rather have studio recordings as his next album.  About half of the 18 songs hadn't been released yet on an album at the time of the show, so it would have been an interesting album.  A quality recording (all acoustic) if he had gone that way.  (as it was, it was released as an album in 2007)  

This piece of wood had been cut to be a supermarket block, and was about that size, except that I decided to use the saw cut edges for some of it.   The one edge that was not as straight as the others, for that one I drew a true border, and cut that out first today.  As with last time, I started at the left side, though for the reason that this part of the block (third nurse) seemed the most complete.  This is one fifth of the block, but it's pretty much done- the nurse (complete with helicopter), and the opened door.  I don't want to cut anything else until I resolve the drawings in those parts, so that is the next step.  

Saw Nichole at the end of my day, talked about life in the building, a class in the spring (maybe drawing, which got enrolled enough last time, and she thinks could be an introduction to woodcut).  After that, I went home.  Still no photos to share, but maybe soon.


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