Friday, September 03, 2021

Fever Dream part 6


At first I had thought that I got so much done yesterday that there wasn't much left for me to do.  But the more I looked at the block, the more I realized needed to be done.  My plan was to go up in the early afternoon, even though I tend to avoid going anywhere around here on holiday weekends, and we are just starting Labor Day weekend now.  Plus, we have some nice weather predicted for the next few days.  On the other hand, too nice a day to hang out in the house all day.  So my new plan was to go right after lunch.  Of course, my parents decided to take a long lunch of their own. I packed my book bag (this time selecting my larger CD case) and waited.  And waited.  I made the decision that by 2:30 I would leave whether or not they were back, but then they came home around 2:20.  I grabbed my stuff and took off.

Thanks to the later than expected start, I figured I'd have less time, and may only have time for one part now, so I selected a single album copy from my rock/pop case. Went with Kirsty MacColl's Tropical Brainstorm, which I wrote about in March of 2020 if you want to learn more.  Of the three roughed in areas inside the room that I knew needed more work, I decided to work on the Disney Castle image.  This one started in a dream from a long time ago.  I was watching tv, and had been handling some blotter papers that had LSD on them, for reasons I can't remember.  In the dream, I feared that my skin had absorbed some of the hallucinogenic and I would be affected.  I looked at the television, which was tuned to the current version of Disney's Sunday evening show (this was before they had their own channel, so all Disney programming was seen for a few hours on Sunday nights on whatever network was carrying it that year).  The show always ended with a scene of one of the Disney castles (I don't remember which one) lit up at night, with Tinkerbell flying in and  zapping it with her magic wand.  As I watched the show ending, there was no Tinkerbell, and the castle was starting to go up in flames.  I decided that the acid must have affected me some.  I don't remember how the dream went from there. 

In my new print, I had decided a while back I would include the castle burning in the deep background of my studio full of strange images, and sketched one in detail on a page in my sketchbook from an internet source.  (There are castles in both of the main theme parks in this country- Sleeping Beauty's in California and Cinderella's in Florida.  I think I went with the latter.)  I had roughed in the castle when I started this, but today I did it with more detail, using a mirror for more accuracy. For now I decided to add something that I didn't have before- Tinkerbell, an arm covering her eyes, afraid to look at the flames consuming the castle.  There's a lot of detail in these Disney things, so I may pull it up again on my computer and make sure I got everything right.  As it was, these two things took about an hour, so I decided to end my day there.  The other things will wait for another time. 


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