Saturday, September 11, 2021

That's that


As I expected, this computer site for keeping track of registration never really worked.  It allowed me to sign up for an ID, and sent me an acknowledgment of that, but never let me back in to check anything.  No big deal, as I never had a system like that or any class anywhere.  I did know that I was also supposed to receive notification if anyone signed up (and they had my address) but I never got any of those either, so my thinking was that I had no students.  Unfortunately, by last night I still hadn't heard anything, and the class was due to start today.  I sent an email to Nichole, but no response from her.  Checked back in late morning, but just another reminder about their big race next week, and the class was still listed on the site. I decided it was best if I was up there in the early afternoon, and if I could find out for sure there wasn't a class, I wouldn't have to worry.  On the other hand if students had signed up, I better be ready to teach a class.  

Usually on the first day, I show a lot of prints from my collection, bring my books, do a safety lesson on using woodcut tools, and distribute woodblocks for the first print. Unfortunately, most of my possessions were in storage, including all my books and prints.  My saw stopped working this year, and without students signed up I hadn't been in a hurry to buy one (and hadn't) I had some wood, enough for 3 or 4 students, but normally I'd get more, and with no saw to cut it with, no immediate need.  At least I had the set of student tools, so I could do my safety lesson, and no books to show, but I could give the names of relevant artists to the student to look up for whatever kind of project they had in mind to try.  I don't have my collection of artist prints, or any of my unframed prints (carrying large numbers of framed prints in very heavy and difficult) but I had a few things in my studio I could get if I wanted to show some.  A few things in postcard form as well, in my car's glove compartment.  This would have to due.

I got up there around quarter after 1.  No sign of Nichole's car, but I went in through the office anyway.  Bobby was there, a new device attached to him for now, but very happy to be in his current condition.  He knew nothing, but said Nichole was up in the kitchen on the 3rd floor.  Took the elevator and found her there, washing big sheet pans and pots.  I think those who use things should wash them, but that's me.  She used her smart phone to confirm that no one was signed up for the class, so we officially canceled it.  The future is still up in the air, but nothing is happening probably until next year.  Maybe print again, maybe drawing (which I taught there successfully a few years ago).  Nothing gets decided next week, probably that race takes up all her immediate time.  With that settled, I decided to head for home, with a stop along the way to pick up a few things at the store.


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