Friday, October 15, 2021

Dream, No Fever

 Did a little drawing on the block today, working from home.  Mostly filling in values, based on source material already acquired.  But what I am writing about today is a dream I had, for which there is no art, yet.  It's a dream I've had variations on many times before, so maybe someday it will be art, and worth putting down here.

This was actually during a late afternoon nap, a short time in bed, but long enough for this, and probably a lot more, but this is what I remember.  It was a big building, people in it, large rooms, small rooms, etc.  But at some point I realized that it was just about time for me to be hosting a radio show, as a DJ.  Got myself quickly to the air studio.  I had theme music all set, and in the dream it was stored on my watch.  I rapidly set up the mixing board for what I would need, pressed a button to open a small drawer, much like the place where one would insert a compact disc.  I put my watch in the center of it, tucking the watchband into holes in the drawer, and pressed a button to close the drawer, then started it, as it was top of the hour and time to start.  Pieces of magnetic recording tape (like a cassette) popped out of cracks, but somehow the intended theme music also started.  I let it run, set up a song to be played next.  I left the small DJ booth, and found myself in a very large bar. The first room had a large bar with stools,  which seemed kind of empty, though a lot of small European flags were festively draped everywhere.  In another room, mostly booths, more flags, but some people at least.  All were dressed in black leather, with a punk vibe, or maybe a little bit biker.  (my radio show is playing over the bar sound system, and these two groups have some known appreciation of blues music, so this could work out) Go to another room, more people at a booth, but dressed in more conventional bar clothes. I recognize one as a friend (in the dream), the one who gave me a ride to this place.  I should get back to my radio show. 

And that's all there was.  I woke up,  realized that it was past the time I had planned to get up, and decided I should go ahead and get up and get ready for dinner.

So, is there any art here?  I don't know.  The part that is common, is the sudden need to be ready to do a radio show.  There is a common nightmare called "test anxiety" where the dreamer suddenly finds themselves in a classroom (high school or college), about to take an exam in a class they never attended or something they forgot to study for.  As a student who had mostly studio art classes, the exam dream had little meaning for me.  I did have to occasionally proctor an exam, and once saw one of my students, who had missed so many studio sessions, he had already failed the class, and I told him nicely that there was no point in sitting for the exam.  But he decided to anyway.  May have been a bit high.  On another occasion, a student asked me to read the projected section numbers, as he didn't bring his glasses and couldn't see anything.  I realized he was one of my studio students, unrecognized as I hadn't seen him in about 13 weeks, and gave him the same advice, especially since without glasses he would do very poorly on the largely slide ID test he was about to take.  Like the first student, he decided to go for it.  May have been in the same condition.  Since I had no inborn fear of exams, my variation on this nightmare either involved being back in the grill area of McDonald's (where the never ending beeps of timers going off echoed though my head as I tried to sleep at night) or doing my radio show and needing to cue up another record before the current one ended, and in dreams the current record was always so short. 

The sound board set up was more like a component stereo system than an sound board I have worked with.  (and it was the same hardware at all three colleges, but different components hooked to the sliders in each case)  And very dark, just the lit up displays to see by.  I could probably draw my watch (inexpensive Timex with two hands that never held a song in any kind of memory) in the compact disc drawer, but I'm not sure what the point would be of that artwork.  I could probably also draw the bar scenes well, lots of wood, bottles, flags, though finding models for all the customers would be a challenge.  Again, though, I don't have an artistic use for the idea right now.  So for now, I write it down. Some of the items depicted in my current Fever Dream work go back to my youth, so you never know when ideas will come in handy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Fever Dream part 13

 Not a particularly nice day today, but those can be good Studio days, too.  Have a roof over my head, in a building that has been standing in a beach town for more than a century, and a good strong table that I made myself.  That and sharp tools is all I need.  

Saw Nichole's car in the lot, and many other cars as well.  Probably the most cars I have seen parked there in well over a year.  A few classrooms were in use on the 1st floor. but I went for the elevator and took a ride to the basement to take care of business.  Probably good that I did.  She had sent an email over the weekend regarding a class, and I got it on Monday (once my computer was reset to access it) and replied the same day, but she never got it.  So I gave her the information again in person, and promised to forward the original message back to her when I got home.

With that settled, time to get to work.  I had left all my discs at home again, going with one from those left in the Studio.  I chose Babylon By Bus from Bob Marley and the Wailers.  I don't claim to know much about reggae, and probably only know about this album because my cousin Todd decided to lend it to me years ago.  I liked the two record live set well enough to (long after I returned it) get a copy on disc for myself.  Some internet research tells me it is from 1978 (Marley died in 1981 I think) but I don't know much beyond that.    I don't know if he was promoting a particular record with this tour;  it includes some of his best known songs, but not nearly all of them, so it's not a greatest hits show.  But it was a good show, and good music to work to.  It was probably more fitting the way the Studio used to look (see above), but even with our biggest wall painted gray now (Herb's dream probably), it's still good music to cut to.

I picked up where I left off last time, the escalator.  It's a big chunk of white that moves through the composition, thus a big part of the value balance that has to be worked out.  Since Tinkerbell is surrounded by that side of the escalator, she was finished inside and out.   Other parts of the escalator gave some outline to my circular clothing rack, the head of one of my nurses, and the head of my comic book fan.  With a little time left, I did some of the larger blades of tall grass that surround the chair in the Studio.  I decided that was enough for today.  Packed up my stuff and on to my next stop.

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Fever Dream part 12

 Another really nice day today, and nowhere I had to be, so a day to be in the Studio.  One issue I found is that the light outside my usual Studio door (yellow path hallway) was not functioning, so I used the other door, which was better lit.  Have keys for both.  Left my books of discs at home and went with discs I kept there, and today that was Toshi Reagon The Righteous Ones.  I wrote about it back in August of this year if you want to know more about it.  I had seen Nichole's car outside, but she was out of the office, so I decided to come back.

One thing that stopped me last time was that I didn't have a really small gouge with me, though luckily I have a whole block to work on, so I could use other tools as appropriate.  But I knew I had some smaller gouges at home, and packed them this time.  Had my block with me, as well as my new bottle of glue.  

As the music played, I continued on the left hand side of the block.  I did the padded studio chair first, which looked good.  Did a little bit around the Entemann's shelves, including some redrawing of parts.  Long way to go, but it's coming along.  I decided to add something, some hanging hoses, near the top of the escalator.  Not from a dream, but from a real scene- I had decided to go to the special clearance sale at a closed department store at the soon to be demolished Seaview Square Mall, just down the hill from where I worked at the time.  However there was not much for sale in the space, and the store was pretty much a wreck, with hoses and wires hanging down, and a sagging ceiling- the place looking a lot worse than it should have after being closed and empty for just a few years.  Since my dreams are sometimes set in stores that seem like they've been closed, it made sense.  If I don't like the results, I can always cut them out later.  Got some of this cut, but ended up having to glue some things, so set it aside for a while.

Tried the office again, but Nichole still wasn't there- maybe up on the 2nd I was told.  Took the elevator up there, but found no one.  Back to the basement, where I packed up my stuff.  Then I heard a familiar voice near the elevator and sure enough, she was there, pushing a shopping cart full of cleaning supplies.  I gave her an update on my legal situation, since she had some influence on it.  She went off to continue her cleaning, and I went back to packing up my stuff, and locking up.  By the tine I remembered the light bulb problem, she was gone.  So I finished and left, making the decision to go out through the front door, so I could remove my hanging tag.  Then I saw her up on the 1st floor,  so I got to hit her with that problem.  She said it wasn't really not functioning, but had been rewired to a new toggle switch. I didn't feel like going back downstairs, so I'll investigate that next time.  

Monday, October 04, 2021

Fever Dream part 11

 Haven't worked on the new block much lately, because in cutting it last week, I noticed a piece of my large foreground nurse was flaking off the block.  The piece was still attached to the rest of the veneer, but I thought it best to glue it down before doing any more cutting.  Or even transporting the block.  Problem is I had no glue.  For this I need white glue.  I used to keep a couple of bottles of it in my bag, for my students to use, as they often need it and never have it themselves.  But when I looked recently, all I could find is one small bottle and it was empty.  

Luckily this is the time of year that schools are starting up again, and many places carry back-to-school supplies, including small bottles of glue.  So after my speech therapy today, since I had to go that way anyway, I stopped by a supermarket and picked some up, along with a few other groceries I needed.   Back home, I took care of business and put a little bead of glue along an area that needed it. Removed the excess, and let it dry.  I'll get back to drawing and cutting later this week, but I will have my new bottle of glue with me just in case.