Monday, October 04, 2021

Fever Dream part 11

 Haven't worked on the new block much lately, because in cutting it last week, I noticed a piece of my large foreground nurse was flaking off the block.  The piece was still attached to the rest of the veneer, but I thought it best to glue it down before doing any more cutting.  Or even transporting the block.  Problem is I had no glue.  For this I need white glue.  I used to keep a couple of bottles of it in my bag, for my students to use, as they often need it and never have it themselves.  But when I looked recently, all I could find is one small bottle and it was empty.  

Luckily this is the time of year that schools are starting up again, and many places carry back-to-school supplies, including small bottles of glue.  So after my speech therapy today, since I had to go that way anyway, I stopped by a supermarket and picked some up, along with a few other groceries I needed.   Back home, I took care of business and put a little bead of glue along an area that needed it. Removed the excess, and let it dry.  I'll get back to drawing and cutting later this week, but I will have my new bottle of glue with me just in case.


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