Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Fever Dream part 13

 Not a particularly nice day today, but those can be good Studio days, too.  Have a roof over my head, in a building that has been standing in a beach town for more than a century, and a good strong table that I made myself.  That and sharp tools is all I need.  

Saw Nichole's car in the lot, and many other cars as well.  Probably the most cars I have seen parked there in well over a year.  A few classrooms were in use on the 1st floor. but I went for the elevator and took a ride to the basement to take care of business.  Probably good that I did.  She had sent an email over the weekend regarding a class, and I got it on Monday (once my computer was reset to access it) and replied the same day, but she never got it.  So I gave her the information again in person, and promised to forward the original message back to her when I got home.

With that settled, time to get to work.  I had left all my discs at home again, going with one from those left in the Studio.  I chose Babylon By Bus from Bob Marley and the Wailers.  I don't claim to know much about reggae, and probably only know about this album because my cousin Todd decided to lend it to me years ago.  I liked the two record live set well enough to (long after I returned it) get a copy on disc for myself.  Some internet research tells me it is from 1978 (Marley died in 1981 I think) but I don't know much beyond that.    I don't know if he was promoting a particular record with this tour;  it includes some of his best known songs, but not nearly all of them, so it's not a greatest hits show.  But it was a good show, and good music to work to.  It was probably more fitting the way the Studio used to look (see above), but even with our biggest wall painted gray now (Herb's dream probably), it's still good music to cut to.

I picked up where I left off last time, the escalator.  It's a big chunk of white that moves through the composition, thus a big part of the value balance that has to be worked out.  Since Tinkerbell is surrounded by that side of the escalator, she was finished inside and out.   Other parts of the escalator gave some outline to my circular clothing rack, the head of one of my nurses, and the head of my comic book fan.  With a little time left, I did some of the larger blades of tall grass that surround the chair in the Studio.  I decided that was enough for today.  Packed up my stuff and on to my next stop.


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