Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Fever Dream part 14


Back to the warm weather for a few days, though I think it's too late for the figs.  Leaves haven't dropped yet, but they are looking rough.  On the other hand, the flat tire alert on my dashboard disappeared somewhere around Belmar.   Every year as soon as the weather cools a little, the car tells me I have a flat tire.  After a few years I realized it was a lie and that the tire warning system was on the panicky side.  Now I just look at the car, and if all the tires look normal, I assume they are.  Like I did for all the decades I didn't have a tire pressure alert system.

I left a little earlier than usual today, so I was up at the Studio by quarter past one.  No sign of Nichole's car, so I went directly to the basement.  Once there, I saw her door was open, and heard voices, so I stopped to listen.  However, all I heard was a male voice, talking for long periods of time without break about vitamins and such- I assumed he was a salesman and didn't want to get too close.  

Even before I left from home, I decided it was a blues day, and brought the appropriate disc book with me.  I started with my disc of the Robert Cray broadcast recorded from WNEW-FM back in 1990, burned to a disc in time for my trip to Texas in  2005.  (I had brought several copies of good music, but there was nothing there to play them on, so they stayed in my luggage that week, ended up as Studio copies a few years later) I believe I wrote about that in July 2019 if you want to know more.  When that disc ended, I continued the hard blues with the Buddy Guy album Stone Crazy, which I think I wrote about in February, 2020, if you want to know more. The music brought back a lot of memories, and was good to cut to.

And it was a productive day.  I had shown the block in progress to my nurse model the other day and she was impressed with the detail in the block drawing.  Well, there is a lot of detail there, but that's what I like.  Some will be lost in cutting, so it's good to have a detailed drawing to start.  The time I spent working on the Entenmann's aisle cap drawing was not wasted, and the cutting was very detailed. A lot of time spent spinning the block, turning it to make cutting easier, definitely easier with a piece of wood this size rather than the 2'x3' blocks I had used for similar pieces in the past.  Of course, the amount of art that appears on the actual baked good boxes is far more than I could draw in the tiny spaces this drawing gave me, but I'm used to simplifying things as I shrink them  Having finished cutting all that, I went on to the bit of tile floor around it, then a bit of the wild grass and weeds, then the other two nurses (I had redrawn the helicopters as part of my time at home last week), part of the circular clothing rack, part of the comic book display, the silkscreen frames, and much of the desk behind it, especially the papers on top. So now, about half the block is done being carved.  I said it was a productive day.  I wish I had my camera so I could share the results with you, but for now, you'll have to settle for my description.  

As I was leaving the door to the office was closed, and I don't know what happened to the vitamin salesman, so I just left.  


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